Translation Services

I mainly focus on the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese. Every combination is possible depending on the needs of the project.

Any type of text

From an instruction manual to a recipe, any kind of text may need a translation. I have experience in translating research papers, technical documents, literature and public service texts, but I can also handle legal, economic or scientific documents.

My services can always be adapted to the customer’s needs. Do not hesitate to contact me and ask for your requirements for any translation project you may have, regarding newspaper articles, catalogues, manuals, short stories, poems, letters, certificates, interviews…

Audiovisual and subtitling

I usually work with audiovisual products, either for dubbing or for voice-over. My translations have covered several genres, such as television shows, documentaries, entertainment programmes or cartoons. Some of them have aired in several Spanish and Galician such as ClanTV, Historia, DeCasa, MTV or Nickelodeon.

Moreover, I also offer subtitling services. It is possible for me to translate subtitles, create new subtitles or transcribe an audio and make subtitles in the same languages. TV Shows subtitled by me have aired on international platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Proofreading is sometimes underestimated and even disregarded. I always recommend customers to ask for proofreading, both for translated and original texts. As I work with texts on a daily basis, it is easier for me to maintain consistency, cohesion and adequacy in a text.

Furthermore, if you need to improve the writing, the style or the grammar of a text, I can assist and help you optimise the time you spend with each project.

Software and websites

Website localisation is not only about the language, it also about cultural and technical aspects that must be taken into account. The services I offer are comprehensive and will provide a version of your website that is totally adapted to the target audience you are looking for.

I also specialise in software localisation and am familiar with the tools needed for that task. Contact me for any kind of translation project you have, either for a mobile app or a computer software.

Quotes and orders

If you wish to ask for a personalised budget, place an order or ask any question about my services as a translator, do not hesitate in contacting me.